Saturday, March 24, 2007

bandolier of carrots

this is the first of many BOC (bag of crap) entries. inspired by my current obsession with woot!, the BOC entry will contain many small bits of news and reflection that don't warrant their own post.

(and, for those of you who aren't familiar with woot!, when "BOC" is entered into a forum post, it is automatically and randomly replaced with a phrase starting with b-o-c, like "bandolier of carrots" or "blinged-out cabbage" or "braille on cookies".)

i'm at home sick today with the flu that has been ravaging my office, so it's as good of day as any for a BOC...

+ if you read my 2006 recap post, you'll remember that i had much my of my life this fall working on the MMSD report. well, this week it got bounced, which is to say that Region - the final step in the approval process - rejected it. we got a newbie approving official whose basically read the front and the back, found some problems and sent it back. usually they only bounce if they have some serious policy or science issues, neither of which was the case here. needless to say, that sucks. everyone's pissed, and it was like a blow to the stomach for me, after putting in all that work. but we'll fix it, send it back, the reviewing official will read the middle, we'll fix those things, and finally sent it to print. i just hope that no one goes postal in the process.

+ i saw the following object as i was driving home the other night, and i had to look twice:

it makes me wonder... is there truly a separation between pop culture and state?

+ we've finally managed to score a wii, after many trips to target and standing in line at ciruit city and toys r us. it's been a long time since i was part of a geek obsession, and it was kinda fun (and annoying).

+ we're about to join a gym. it's one of those class-based, no weights or cardio machines gyms where you use medicine balls and scary balance toys to humiliate yourself in front of others. my biggest fear is that i'm going to fall off one of those big exercise balls and make a big "splat!", but i need to overcome the fear. in general, i'm a fan of this approach - it's whole-body, strengthening entire muscle systems that you use everyday instead of an isolated muscle set. i've heard the first month will totally kick your ass, so we'll see how we fair.

i think that's about all for now. i'm off to minneapolis this weekend to visit tony's sister sara and her husband brent (assuming i'm not still hacking up my lungs). i'll try to take some pictures and have some good stories when i return.


Gila ZR said...

JB!!!!!!!!!!! holy schnikey's, girl - it's been AGES! mostly my fault, i completely admit...i'm still trying to figure out how to hold on to a personal life (and sanity) while making it through grad school :-). i was really excited to get your blog announcement - not because i actually have time to keep up with blogs:-), but b/c last time i tried to reach you i discovered that all the contact info i have is you manage to still know how to reach me is beyond me, but i'm glad you do!!

anyway, i won't clog up your comments page...just wanted to toss you an e-wave, tell you i miss you, and make sure you have my latest e-mail addy (

lots o' love,

gila zr said...

ps: happy [belated] b-day!! :-)

Heather said...

1. Please post soon.
2. Call me you nutball.
3. I mean: Call me, you nutball.
4. (Punctuation matters.)
5. I mean it, call me I am going cray-zeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
6. I am out.
7. Beeyatch.

ps. I love you!

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