Saturday, February 24, 2007


i'm particularly excited tonight... it's my first blizzard warning. we got 7" of new snow last night, and we're supposed to get another 8" to 12" tonight (along with crazy heavy winds) and another 4" to 6" of snow on sunday. apparently madison hasn't gotten this much snow in one snowfall since 1990, and they're all really excited about it. me, i'm not so sure. in every other city that i've lived in, 25" of snow would be crippling, so you'll have to excuse my apprehension.

and, as an added bonus, it's currently thundersnowing. this is my third thundersnow since i've lived here. it's really the strangest thing... everything is all quiet from the snow, and there's a flash of light and a rumble of thunder. then it's all quiet again, leaving you to wonder if you imagined it. amazing. i used to think that thundersnow was one of those movie inventions that never really happened, but now i know better. and i'm not alone in my amazement; folks here say that thundersnows have only started happening in the past few years.

as i look out my living room window one last time before bed, the wind has slowed and the snow is falling in a fine mist. but there's at least an inch of new snow on the patio, so i know that the lull is only temporary. i wonder what the world will look like when i wake up tomorrow.